The Packable Alpha Shovel Isn’t Just Another Folding Tactical Shovel

We’re sure you’ve seen the green, metal, folding shovels that are advertised as being tactical for any of your needs. Well, they haven’t met this Packable Alpha Shovel from DMOS. This bad boy puts those other shovels to shame. Oh, and it’s even more portable than the other ones. It’s a win-win for you, but whatever obstacle you’re shoveling is crying for help right now.

The shovel is 2.0mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum that won’t bend or break no matter what you throw it up against. Literally or figuratively. It collapses all the way down to 21.5”x14.25”x5” for ultimate transportability. It features built-in lash points throughout the shovel. This means you can strap it right on to a pack or securely attach it to a truck, snowmobile, or gear cart. It has been stress-tested in the field and withstands 3886 pounds of force and temperatures ranging from -40 to 170.

No matter what you’re shoveling, this shovel is up to the task. 63” of leverage makes quick, light work of even heavy materials. The oversize blade efficiently removes snow, ice, dirt, and hard pack thanks to an edge with strong teeth. It is for use in all for seasons and for all terrains.

Regardless of what you’ve got in store, this shovel is up for the task and will take care of the job. Just unfold and snap it into place. Buy Here

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