Take Your Hot Tub Experience to the Next Level with AlumiTubs

Every season is hot tub season. There’s nothing more relaxing than closing your eyes and soaking in some hot water. And while baths are nice, splurging on a hot tub takes relaxation to another level. If you’re going to splurge, dig into your pockets for a classic cedar design that’s rooted in Canadian heritage. AlumiTubs is a Canadian company based in the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. They are the leading manufacturer of wood-fired hot tubs and sell direct to customers to keep prices low. AlumiTubs has been in the hot tub biz for over 18 years and designs functional tubs that can stand the test of time. They build tubs on a first-come, first-serve basis and require a $500 deposit.

Beauty in simplicity

A wood-fired tub is perfect for those seeking refuge from life’s stresses. If you have a cabin, AlumiTubs would feel right at home. The tub comes in two sizes, one that fits 4-5 people and another that fits 6-8. The 4-5 person tub is 6 ft in diameter and holds 450 gallons of water with a 5,000 lb filled weight. It’s the perfect size for just couples too and doesn’t take up a lot of space on your property. The 5-6 person tub is more popular for families or entertaining. It’s 7 ft in diameter and can hold 650 gallons of water. It can be placed on any even surface that can hold a 6,000 lb filled weight. Both tubs have an internal depth of 38 inches. 

AlumiTubs are lightweight, portable, and come pre-assembled. They are durable against the elements and can warm you up even in the coldest of winters. It is made in Canada after all. The tub is made from 100% recyclable and local materials. Wood is a natural source of renewable energy and the AlumiTub is also made from marine-grade aluminum, which ensures your tub won’t rot or leak.

There are three layers of heat retention with insulation between and a submerged stove that distributes the heat faster than external fireboxes. The tub is also compatible with secondary heating methods like gas or propane. There is no electricity, maintenance, or repairs necessary for an AlumiTub. You just roll the tub into place, fill with water, and light the fire. As each piece is built to order, custom options are available upon request. So get your Witcher on, channel your inner Geralt, and have a relaxing time in an AlumiTub. Buy Here