Woolrich American Flag Throw Blanket Will Cover You In Patriotic Warmth

american flag blanket

Finally, a way for all the patriotic AF guys and girls out there to stay warm AF durning the winter. This American flag blanket comes from Woolrich, a company based Pennsylvania that has proudly produced blankets for the armed service branches dating back to the Civil War. That is one heck of a long time. In fact, Woolrich is the oldest running vertically-integrated woolen mill in the United States, so you know they take the quality of their products and patriotism very seriously.

When you wrap yourself in the 60 x 72 inch (5ft x 6ft for those of you who prefer measurements in feet) USA throw blanket you will see how heritage and history are woven into this American-made blanket. And you’ll feel good knowing it honors the Stars and Stripes and our brave men and women in the armed services. Buy Here

An American Flag blanket not your thing? That’s perfectly fine. For those of you looking for a different way to stay warm AF but also keep it American AF as well, Woolrich also offers this outrageously handsome “Americana” throw blanket featuring a bald eagle.

american flag blanketWoolrich has claimed its lasting spot in the annals of American heritage. This 46 x 72 inch, jacquard-woven eagle surrounded by a ring of stars throw blanket is destined to become a classic in any household. Buy Here

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