This Book Will Take You on a Wild Ride Through the Animal Kingdom

There’s always been a fascination with our more wild and beastly friends. From zoos and safaris to bird watching and Animal Planet, animals have always been amazing to observe. You can now enjoy the beauty, power, and even humor of the animal kingdom in this stunning collection of portraits by Randal Ford. Animal Kingdom: A Collection of Portraits is a 176-page hardcover book featuring studio portraits of 150 furry and feathered species. The featured animals range from big cats such as tigers, cheetahs, and leopards to feathered friends like flamingos, the African crane, and cockatoos. Every photograph includes the animal’s name and species. Some pictures also include a small quote about the subject from Ford. These quotes provide more story and personality to the creatures and Ford’s experience.

Ford’s work has appeared on the cover of Time, Texas Monthly, and Communication Arts. He won first place and best of show in the fine arts category in the 2017 International Photo Awards competition with his animal photographs. A foreword from Dan Winters, who is widely recognized for his celebrity portraits, introduces the book. This is the perfect coffee table book for any animal lover or anyone who just appreciates photography. The minimalist approach Ford took with the photography and book design really make Animal Kingdom a must-have. Buy Here


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