Anker’s ZOLO Bluetooth Earbuds Are Sweatproof And Totally Wireless

Anker ZOLO Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless

These ZOLO earbuds from Anker are everything you’ve been looking for and then some. For starters, they are cheaper than the Apple Earpods but offer (arguably) better sound and more features. They are sleek and futuristic with built-in Smart AI features from Anker.

Now that you’re on a health kick in the new year it’s important to have some earbuds to match your lifestyle. These Bluetooth earbuds are 100% wireless and sweatproof. This means you can wear them to the gym and get as sweaty as possible without messing up your earbuds. You will get 3.5 hours of continuous play from a single charge. That number gets boosted to an astounding 24 hours of battery thanks to the included charging case.

When it comes to the sound quality the ZOLO earbuds from Anker are exceptional. They boast very deep bass and mind-blowing treble and clarity. These ZOLO Bluetooth earbuds are a testament to Anker’s ability to constantly be innovating and developing incredible products.

I have personally had the chance to get hands-on with these ZOLO earbuds for a month and can tell you they are impeccable and worth every penny. They fit snugly and comfortably into your ear. The kit comes with 4x grip jackets and 3x EarTips. This way you can be sure to match the perfect size to your ears. Buy Now

Anker ZOLO Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless

Anker ZOLO Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless

Anker ZOLO Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless

The Details:

  • Anker ZOLO Bluetooth earbuds are a truly wireless earbud experience with no wires to hold you back at the gym
  • The ZOLOs are 100% sweatproof so you can get as sweaty as you want at the gym without compromising your earbuds
  • These are a perfect gift for any audiophile or person in need of some earbuds

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