Anson Calder Passport Wallet Brings Ease To Hectic Travel

If you have ever traveled by plane, train, or ferry you know that, although faster than driving, walking, or swimming it can be a serious pain. Leaving the house at ungodly hours, trying to not forget anything, digging your passport or boarding pass out of your bag while security gives you some serious side eye.

If you haven’t given Anson Calder a look yet we suggest you do so. Even if traveling isn’t your thing, they make minimalistic wallets for a variety of uses. The small wallet is only 1/8 of an inch thick. It features patent pending cutouts so you can slide your cards up from the bottom. This alleviates the stress of dumping your cards all over the table while trying to find the right one.

The Anson Calder Passport Wallet is not only sleek and high quality but also practical. It has a specific place for your passport on the right side with a hidden pocket behind it to store extra change or old boarding passes. On the left side there are two pockets running horizontally with the iconic cutout for card choosing ease. Each one can store up to four cards, leaving plenty of space for frequent flyer’s card, your go to credit card, debit card, or the almighty Starbucks gift card. Finally, there is a pocket for your boarding pass.

Now you may be saying duh! Why else would this be the perfect travel wallet? What you don’t yet know is how the boarding pass goes into the wallet. The wallet is perfect for optimal use of its limited space. The boarding pass sticks out far enough for the attendant to scan it without taking it out of your wallet. No more trying to find the right pass or digging through your bag.

The passport wallet comes in two colors, brown leather for our old souls, and black leather for our more modern types. This is a great gift for men and women alike but remember the old wives’ tale about never giving an empty wallet. Maybe throw one of those Starbucks cards in for good measure. The wallet is also customize-able in several areas. For a small up charge, you can have it monogrammed. There is also a RFID option.

Each wallet is made from French calfskin and German thread. The wallets are finished with burned edges and hand tacked. Anson Calder wallets become better with age and will last you a lifetime.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing this wallet, take a look at Anson Calder’s website, they have something for everyone. Whether it is a birthday, graduation or Christmas gift these wallets will be loved for a long time to come. If you’re looking for quality, practicality, and looks you’ve found the right product. Your purchase will not disappoint. Buy Here


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