Apollo VII-XVII: Mankinds Greatest Achievement Ever, In a Book

Just a month ago we passed the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest achievements of human history. The moon landing. As humans, we have a natural sense of curiosity that makes us eager to travel far and wide, in search of new information and purpose. No group of people has ever ventured as far as those select few who have set foot on our home planets one moon. The Apollo mission was the first, the winner of the great space race, and the tales of their remarkable achievement is in the pages of Apollo VII-XVII.

Timeless True Tales of Heroism and Bravery

There are very few things throughout history that are truly timeless achievements. Something that will remain in the memory of our species long centuries after we have passed on and our planet and civilizations have changed to the point where they’re barely recognizable. While the far future may hold times where space travel spans far beyond the moon, the first trip that three American heroes took will never be forgotten.

While only three men were able to land a craft and spend time on our moon, thousands of people were hard at work for years to make it happen, and with all that work there are countless stories. All these stories and details of our proudest moment have been captured in writing and put together. Many people read as an escape, and even in the SciFi realm of things, it can be hard to escape further away than these non-fiction tales do.

1969 was not only a year America will remember forever, but a year that all of mankind will look back on with awe and find inspiration in. Thanks to Apollo: VII-XVII, all the stories of the brains and brawn that went into this legendary mission are captured between two covers for us to read and remember. Buy Here


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