Apple Follows Google, Again, With The New HomePod Mini

Apple is continuing its journey in the world of smart home control devices. Like a Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot, the HomePod Mini is ready to make your home life easier than ever.

This neat little device is available in two classic colors, which is perfect for a seamless transition into any room. You can choose from space gray or white.

Unique Design With Unique Features

Apple is known for making its products as sleek and functional as possible. The HomePod Mini has a spherical design to give 360-degree sound. You can place the HomePod Mini anywhere around your house, apartment, or bullet trailer, and feel totally immersed in the sounds of your choice.

With multiple HomePod Minis, you are also able to use them to talk to your housemates. Yes, this is the most high-tech walkie talkie you’ll ever see.

Just like with every Apple product, you have the pleasure of conversing with Siri at any time. Voice control is nice. However, the best part is that you can control your HomePod Mini with a flick of the wrist on your iPhone. You can also control your iPhone with your HomePod Mini.

It is like a fun, not-so-scary, inception. Siri can also link from your HomePod Mini to your iPhone, allowing her to access things like your calendar, music library, Apple Maps info, and more.

Family Friendly

This nifty little device also has the ability to recognize different people in your household based on their voices. This is helpful when there is more than one person using it.

The device is smart enough to match your voice to your calendar and doesn’t remind you about your housemate’s appointments. It works the same way for them as well, meaning they don’t have to be bothered by your constant reminders. 

If you’re looking for a quick, no-hassle way to make your home a little bit smarter, the new HomePod Mini is worth considering. Buy here

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