The AR-Flask Makes Every Sip Badass

Who knew reusable water bottles would be such fashion statements? S’well, Memobottle, KeepCup and bkr are a few of the frontrunners in the fashion meets eco-friendly industry. Not only do these bottles look cool, but they’re good for Earth too! When you want to look badass while saving the environment, Lucky Shot’s AR-Flask has you covered. The 7 oz. hip flask is your secret weapon to keep your hydrated, whether it’s good ol’ H20 or something extra to take the edge off.

The AR-Flask is modeled after the magazine of a 30 round AR-15 rifle. It’s an exact replica and will even slide into your AR! The flask is made of a food grade polymer, so it’s durable and will hold your favorite beverage for years. The sleek black design is simple and makes a great gift for any occasion. Custom engraving gives this flask a personal touch. The flask can be engraved with three lines of text up to 20 characters per line for that special element. As cool as the flask looks, be cautious that it resembles live ammunition, so it probably isn’t a good idea to bring it to jury duty or on your flight. Just sayin’. Buy Here


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