Archive Print Chuck 70 Sends Your Feet To The ‘80s

It’s hard to believe that it has been 30 years since the ‘80s ended. The era was defined by big hair, norm-defying clothes, and, of course, Chuck Taylors. That’s why Converse is bringing this version of its classic high-top shoe back from the archives.

It is a replica of the brand’s first-ever patterned sneaker. The timeless camo print is a reminder of the good old days but fits right in with today’s fashion-forward crowd. Take your feet back to simpler times (although they were wild) in a pair of these eye-catching sneakers.

Timeless Tradition (Breakers)

Converse is known for defying the norms. Whether it’s people wearing them for their wedding or sporting them on the biggest rock stages in the world, these shoes show up everywhere. Even in places that you wouldn’t expect.

Since they’ve been around for so long, it’s easy to see why. The print featured on this Chuck 70 is a copy of the first pattern ever put on a Converse shoe. By simply putting them on, it’s like wearing a piece of Chuck Taylor history on your feet.

Meanwhile, the shoe’s upgraded design gives you all the comfort of a modern-day shoe. For example, medial eyelets help keep your feet cool by allowing air to circulate. The insole also features extra cushioning.

Modern Style

Like all Converse, this shoe features a lightweight yet ultra-durable upper made from canvas. It takes a long time to wear these shoes out, even with daily use.

Meanwhile, an archival star ankle patch and vintage heel license plate help set this remake apart from your standard Chucks. It’s obvious that these are something special and everyone who sees them will know it.

With their classic high profile, a captivating design, and the legacy of everyone’s favorite shoe brand built-in, this is a pair that you don’t want to miss out on. Buy Here


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