The Ariel Atom Gets a Powerful Upgrade in the Atom 4

This doesn’t look like your average sports car, and it isn’t. Ariel Motor Company has a 150-year history of true innovation, starting with a 48″ wheel ‘penny farthing’ bicycle to its motorbikes and sports cars. The fast, ultra-light Atom was introduced 18 years ago and quickly became a hit. The small, but zippy powerhouse gets a major upgrade with its fourth generation, the all-new Atom 4. The Atom 4 only shares three things in common with the original: the brake, clutch pedals and fuel-filler cap. Everything else has been improved, inside and out.

The Atom 4’s most notable change is the engine. The upgrade from the Honda K20Z 2.0L engine in the Atom 3 to the latest Honda Type R turbo engine gives the Atom 4 320bhp as standard vs 245-300bhp. Like its predecessors, the Atom 4 uses a lightweight welded steel space frame, but features an all-new chassis, suspension, steering and breaks. Upgraded bodywork, including a new engine cover, significantly improves aerodynamics of the car. Other new features include more space between the seats and a digital driver display added to the cockpit.

Ariel vehicles are produced in low volume and the Atom 4 is no exception. They will be made in quantities of around 100 cars per year alongside the Ariel Nomad and Ariel Ace. Each car will be built to order by one technician, as they are now. Learn More


ariel atom 4

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