The Ariel Nomad Tactical Is Every Mad Max Fan’s Dream

Ride your way shiny and chrome to Valhalla in the dopest vehicle ever. The Ariel Nomad Tactical looks like it came straight out of Mad Max—you’re just missing the Thundersticks! Ariel is known for building ultra-light, driveable vehicles designed to be fast and fun. If you’re a prepper, the multipurpose Nomad is great for your bug-out plan if shit hits the fan and you need to get the hell out of dodge. On the other hand, before any impending doom, use the Nomad for some everyday off-road fun. Grab a few friends, some chrome spray paint, blast that epic Mad Max soundtrack, and set Google Maps to the closest desert.

Not your typical dune buggy

The Nomad packs a four-cylinder, 230hp Honda K engine. You’ll hit 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds and then onto 100 mph in just 8 seconds. It weighs just 1,750 pounds, kind of like a supercar if you think about it, but more functional in the event you need to ride out into the desert or go the offbeat path. The Nomad is road-ready with no doors, windows, or storage. One highlight is its long-travel JRI remote reservoir, which absorbs shock so well that rocks, potholes, and even zombies can’t cramp your style. The vehicle also has a pair of quadruple Alcon Motorsport calipers, race-ready brake pads, and a hydraulic handbrake 

Every new Nomad Tactical is built to order. Customizations and additions include various body, chassis, and wheel color options, 15” or 18” multi-spoke wheels, sport or track wheels, spotlights, windscreen, winch, and a spare wheel. Upgrade options include a 300hp Supercharger engine with Performance Clutch, Performance Clutch transmission, remote brake bias adjuster, and Ohlins adjustable dampers. Seat customizations include a HANS specific 6-point harness and seat belt pads. Other additions like a high intensity LED rear rain light and a single or double bicycle carrier round out the customizations. With all these options, your custom Nomad would be one of a kind, starting at $92,250. Buy Here

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