Asics’ Gel-Kinsei OG Running Shoe Elevates Your Pace

Even though people have been running for thousands of years, nothing has changed the sport more than running shoes. By cushioning your feet and harnessing lost kinetic energy, the right pair can totally revolutionize your pace. The Gel-Kinsei from Asics is the epitome of what you want in a running shoe.

It includes a truss system built into the midfoot and a sock liner that keeps your foot dry even on those long trail runs.

Retro Yet Progressive

On first glance, the Gel-Kinsei looks like something that you might find in a time capsule from the early 2000s. However, don’t let that retro look fool you. This shoe is built with every modern-day performance feature that you could hope for.

One of those is the Impact Guidance System that is built to enhance your natural stride. Unlike some shoes that try to force your foot to run in a certain way, this one adapts to your body.

Runners are likely familiar with the term pronation. The natural tilt of your foot, while you’re in stride greatly affects your long-term health. Gel-Kinsei is geared towards those with a neutral pronation.

High Tech Running

This shoe also comes with some high tech features that make running a breeze. The Ortholite sock liner is soft on your foot and wicks away sweat to keep your running at your best. It also boasts a proprietary Trusstic system that delivers extra support under the midfoot.

Finally, an Aharplus heel plug provides exceptional durability and comfort during every footfall. That classic style is also great. Our favorite colorway is the White Metropolis that boasts a sharp white upper with blue, yellow, and red accents. The contrast makes for a shoe unlike any other.

Next time you lace up for a run, make sure you’re doing it in a pair of Gel-Kinseis from Asics. Buy Here


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