Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: Pinnacle of British Engineering and Beauty

Since 1913, when Aston Martin was created, they have been one creating some of the best automobiles to come out of the UK. While the complete range of Astons are impressive, the car that sits atop this range is much more than just impressive. It’s remarkable. It is everything that’s right with British engineering and style. It’s one of the best grand tourers the world has ever seen, and it’s the DBS Superleggera.

Beauty and Brains: A Surprisingly Scarce Duo

Some of the best cars come out of Europe. You have the Germans who are the best automotive engineers in the world. Then you have the Italians, who create some of the most artistically beautiful cars ever. However, where one is found, the other is lacking. But with the DBS Superleggera, this is not the case. This car is equally powerful and stunning. At the drivers, disposal is an incredibly powerful V12, which seems like a handful. But thanks to grippy tires, durable 21″ wheels, and powerful carbon-ceramic brakes, this power is pleasantly easy to use.

Then comes the ‘Superleggera’ aspect. Superleggera literally translates to ‘super-light’, which could not be more accurate. This new DBS is over 150 lbs lighter than the already light DB11. As for the beauty, just look at it. If anyone can honestly look at this car and tell me it’s not great looking then I’ll just agree to disagree. There is a reason Aston Martin is known for producing the best looking cars, and this just further proves it.

Car shoppers are spoiled for choice these days. However, there are still certain markets where the choice is clear. When it comes to luxury sports cars and grand tourers, you get an Aston. It’s just what you do. While many of their cars would be a good choice, the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera truly is the pinnacle of the brand, and it’s obvious why. Its blend of beauty and performance is unmatched by all others. Learn More


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