The Aston Martin AMR-C01 Racing Simulator Revealed

Many of us dream of driving an Aston Martin on the track. While that can’t be a reality for all of us, Aston Martin’s giving us the next best thing. The British luxury car manufacturer partnered with Curv Racing Simulators to create the AMR-C01 racing simulator. Revealed mid-September, the home simulator gives you the ultimate experience in luxury esports. 

Modern tech and design for an immersive experience

The AMR-C01 is engineered by British tech company Curv, led by three-time Le Mans-winning Aston Martin works driver and simulator specialist, Darren Turner. Turner has over 20 years’ experience in cutting edge Formula 1 simulation. He says the AMR-C01 is “all about the love of racing.” Curv uses the latest Assetto Corsa software to give you a fully immersive driving experience. Whether you have an Aston Martin or not, the sim is great for those who want to compete. The AMR-C01 was designed to give as much enjoyment in the virtual world as the real world.

Designed by the Aston Martin Design team, the AMR-C01 will look very stylish in your gaming room. The simulator is crafted in carbon fiber and also has an Aston Martin Racing grille in the front. Its seating position mirrors an Aston Martin Valkyrie, which gives the sim a futuristic hypercar feel. A F1-style steering wheel rounds out the race car look and feel. The AMR-C01 has a variety of color schemes available and some have even been used on Aston Martin race cars and prototypes. The sim also features a massive wrap-around Samsung screen for that extra kick of immersive experience.

Like with Aston Martin cars, the AMR-C01 does not come cheap. It has a base price of £57,500 plus tax, which rounds up to $73,320 at current exchange rates. To justify the cost in a way, know that the AMR-C01 has a limited run, with only 150 units built. First deliveries are scheduled for Q4 of 2020. Buy Here

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