Astorflex Patnoflex: Better For Your Feet, and The Earth

Let’s face it, not everyone can be ultra fashion savvy. Especially when it comes to dress clothes, an expensive custom made suit might not look all the different from a cheap one to many people. Dress shoes can be the same way sometimes. I can tell whether I like a pair or not, but I don’t always know how to tell which is best. The Astorflex Patnoflex makes it easy to chose them. They look great, but their quality goes much deeper than just the surface. No matter how you look at it, these shoes are going to come out on top.

Good For The Eyes, The Feet, and Our Planet

The first thing you’ll notice about this shoe (or any shoe for that matter) is the look. The shape of the Patnoflex is a very simple, yet classic shape. The smooth lines have no tongue or set of laces to interrupt it. The subtle design makes it a timeless shoe you can confidently wear with just about anything. So you like the look, you’ll probably want to try them on right? That means you’re going to notice the fit next. These shoes are handmade by sixth-generation shoemakers in Italy. They have put in the time to perfect their craft and only use the best materials. They use some of Europes softest of leathers, meaning this is a dress shoe you can wear all day without foot soreness. This leather is softened using all-natural and environmentally safe ingredients to make something that is just as good for the earth as it is good to look at. I’m sure you can find plenty of other shoes that look the part. And I’d bet you could find a small handful that feel pretty good too. But you aren’t going to find shoes that do both of those and are eco-friendly too.

The Astorflex Patnoflex is a great shoe no matter what angle you take. Whether you want a good-looking shoe or one that will still be comfy after a long day of work, this checks the box. All that and it’s good for the Earth. Check, check, and check. Buy Here

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