Learn About Space Exploration From Astronaut Chris Hadfield

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Ever look up at the stars and think about what it takes to explore the vast unknown that is outer space? That’s what retired astronaut Chris Hadfield started doing when he was just nine years old. Talk about having dedication to something. Now, you can learn about space exploration and pushing the boundaries of any field, from one of the most successful and well-known astronauts in the modern era.

Climb aboard your spacecraft (or desk chair) and prepare to boldly go where many people have gone before. Sorry guys, this masterclass is about space that we’ve explored, not galaxies far, far away. (Yes we know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars). With this class you’ll take part in an exclusive 28-lesson class taught by Chris Hadfield. You’ll also get access to workbooks and handwritten notes that Chris took to space during his three trips to the International Space Station.

You will learn what it takes to travel and explore in space, the science behind it, and what future holds for humanity amongst the stars. Chris also takes you behind the scenes into the life of an astronaut both at home and in the Final Frontier.

Whether you love space or love challenging the limits of your life, this class has something for everyone. Chris will discuss techniques to help you push forward past the boundaries of your life and your career into things unknown. Who better to learn from than someone who lived it? Sign Up

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