The Unbelievable Astronomia Flawless Watch Will Set You Back $1 Million


The Astronomia Flawless watch from Jacob & Co Geneva is the most unbelievably opulent watch you will ever see. This wristwatch is built around several carats of diamonds and it will set you back $1 million. Built into the inner workings of the watch are a 1-carat spherical white diamond and 2.2-carat fancy yellow diamond. There are plenty of watches in the world with diamonds but none quite like this.

What exactly makes up a wristwatch worth $1 million? Well, for starters, Jacob & Co Gevena is a world-renowned Swiss watchmaker. There is a version of this watch without diamonds which retails for around $500,000. But I think if you’re going to spend a veritable fortune on a watch you might as well reach for the stars.

The functions on the Astronomia Flawless watch are borderline insane:

“Hours, Minutes, Dial Rotating in 20 min on the Central Axis, Patented Differential Gears System; Spherical 288 Facets Exclusive Jacob Cut® White Diamond, Weight: 1 carat; rotating in 60sec on 2 axes; Magnesium Globe Rotating in 60sec on 2 axes; Continents in Rose Gold; Oceans in Blue Lacquered; Gravitational Tourbillon Cage Rotating on 3 axes: 1st Axis: in 60sec, 2nd Axis: in 5min, 3rd Axis: Central Axe in 20min; On Top: Spherical 288 Facets Exclusive Jacob Cut® Fancy Yellow Diamond, Weight: 2.2 carat; rotating on itself.”


You can find a full specifications sheet on the Jacob & Co website.

The Details:

  • Astronomia Flawless watch with diamonds retails for $1 million
  • Features 2.2-carat yellow diamond with 288 facets
  • Gravitational Tourbillon Cage Rotating on 3 axes

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