Atmos Is the Future’s Personal Clean Air Accessory

The air we breathe is changing, climate change deniers be damned. Air pollution is rampant all around the world. The constant industrial and vehicular pollution and the more recent crises like the Australian bushfires and Amazon rainforest fire make it obvious. So how do we personally protect ourselves? Air filter masks are not uncommon in some parts of the world, like India, one of our most polluted countries. They are also common in China, where people use them when they’re sick to keep germs from spreading, or as protection from pollution. However, there are only certain types of masks that actually have the right exhaust valves with filtration that would work against air pollution.

Advanced protection with a modern look

Ao Air is working to modernize personal solutions for clean and filtered air. Their answer to the ongoing air pollution crisis is Atmos, which debuted at CES 2020. Atmos is a clear mask that goes across the face and covers the mouth and nose. It features a Bluetooth system of fans that tracks your respiratory activity. The system adapts to your breathing, cleaning the air that comes through the mask. The mask was independently tested by the Auckland University of Technology. It’s up to 50 times better at filtration than others. The filters also last about one month and the batteries last about five hours. Both depend on numerous factors like air quality, physical activity, and lung capacity.

Another key difference between Atmos and other masks is that you can breathe freely without any seal around the mouth and nose. The system allows clean air to comfortably escape the mask around the face. This creates a continuous, oneway outflow that keeps outside air out. The futuristic look lends itself to being a useful fashion accessory as well. Atmos has been seen on the runways of New York and Seoul. The mask is $350 and comes with four extra filters. Buy Here

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