The AtmosRX Ruva Is Not Your Hippy Uncle’s Vaporizer

If “Mary Jane” and MacGyver had a baby, it would look like the RUVA Vape Kit. Part tactical device, part dry herb vaporizer, never let your sober friends accuse you of being a passive hippy ever again.

Atmos RX has created a product that excels in portability and functionality. Don’t just blaze up—get scientific with precision temperature controls ranging from 330°F to 430°F. Operating features are displayed on a large OLED screen—always know when the heat is right and the battery’s running low.

Speaking of batteries, the Atmos RX RUVA vape kit comes with a 1800mAh lithium-ion battery rechargeable via micro-USB. Charge it off your laptop or in your car so you’re never without it.

Refilling the vaporizer with dry herbs of your choice couldn’t be easier thanks to its magnetic mouthpiece, which pops on and off effortlessly while remaining secure.

And deep within the heart of the Atmos RX RUVA is a pure ceramic chamber, facilitating the most soft and flavorful vapors.

A durable rubber exterior makes it both comfortable in your hand and heat-resistant. Intricate engravings add extra grip intimacy and a beautiful aesthetic touch.

It’s no wonder AtmosRX describes the RUVA vape kit as “practical elegance built tough”. Buy Here

atmosrx ruva

atmosrx ruva

atmosrx ruva

atmosrx ruva

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