Experience Sound a Whole New Way With the LCD-X

Hear music the way it’s meant to be heard with the Audeze LCD-X. The high-end headphones use advanced Planar Magnetic Technology to deliver clear, accurate and natural sound. Audeze’s patented driver features a diaphragm that’s four times larger than most headphones, but thinner than a strand of hair. The driver is powered by a two-sided magnet array, so you’ll hear everything in higher resolution with near zero distortion. Audeze’s Patented Fazor Elements guide internal headphone soundwaves to reduce resonance for a more accurate waveform, giving the LCD-X that awesome open sound. Sound engineers and musicians have used the LCD-X to create accurate recordings, so you know you’re getting that quality sound. Use these babies during your day to day with your phone or step it up and enjoy better sound when you connect them to a dedicated headphone amp.

Ok, so the sound’s obviously great, but are they comfortable? Housed in a sleek black frame, the LCD-X looks and feels as luxurious as it sounds. Large super plush leather cups and soft memory foam hug your ears in comfort. They’re large enough to completely cover just about any sized ear! At 1.3 lbs, the LCD-X is hefty, but the wide headband and cloud-like ear cups make up for that. Owning the LCD-X comes at a steep price—starting at $1,199 for the limited edition Music Creator Package. It’s a huge investment for huge sound, but you can’t beat the quality and beauty of these babies. It just might be worth it. Buy Here


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