This Aviation Themed ManCave Airbnb Will Make You Feel Like An Aviator

Yeah guys, we get it. Your wife is great, but maybe she won’t let you have the man cave of your dreams. After all, that space down in the basement is much better for storing too many Christmas decorations. For real though, a night in this awesome man cave Airbnb will scratch that itch for some awesome space you need.

This home in Geneva, Florida is located on a private airstrip in East Seminole County. We’re off to a good start already. It is just 30 minutes from the Kennedy Space Center and several beautiful beaches. In case all the aviation makes you want to visit Mickey Mouse for some reason, Disney is just 45 minutes away.

The man cave is located inside of Dan, the owner’s, private airplane hangar. A huge collection of aviation-themed collectibles, décor, and trinkets has the place feeling awesome. It is a fun space to be in and there is something new to catch your eye at each turn.

Just because it is in a hangar doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. The Airbnb is air conditioned and comes complete with satellite-TV and Wi-Fi. There’s also a sweet bar and a massive fireplace. We won’t blame you if you spend most of your time checking out the unique aviation themes throughout. If you do want to step out for some sun though, the Sunshine State is just outside. This awesome stay holds up to 3 guests. Learn More

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