Breathe Easy with the Awair Air Monitor

Pollution is closer to home than you think. Literally, in your home. Indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside, affecting allergies, asthma, sleep quality and more. Awair is a smart and modern air quality monitor with a small footprint. It has a simple design, similar to a wireless speaker due to its perforated front face. That’s actually an LED display that shows your air quality at a glance, including your Awair score. The score is based off a color-coded, 0 to 100 scale to let you know your air quality.
 It tracks toxins, dust, CO2, humidity and temperature within about 1,000 square feet every 15 seconds.

The Awair does more than just track. It provides actionable insights and personalized recommendations to improve your air quality. The tips are based off what you find most concerning, whether it be productivity, sleep, wellness or allergies. It connects with Nest and Alexa to automatically keep your air clean and healthy. The Awair also works with IFTTT to be programmed to perform a function after specific criteria is met. For example, your Nest can be set up to turn on the fan if high CO2 levels are detected.

A companion app makes it easy for you to access all your Awair data. You’ll find details about your score, recommendations, insights and even relevant healthcare information in real time. The Awair costs $199.00, but is worth it to know the air you breathe. It’s time to take control of your environment! Buy Here

awair air monitor

awair air monitoe

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