Breathe Easy With Awair Glow

We use it every day, it keeps us alive, and we don’t even give it a second thought: air! Thanks to social trends we are all watching for GMO’s, trying to eat organic, and maybe even growing more of our own foods. Some of us don’t buy products that are tested on animals, and we watch what kind of soap we are using, but how often do we think about what we are breathing? When you are so careful about taking care of yourself and your family, let Awair Glow take care of the air you breathe.

Knowledge Is Power

Awair glow monitors and reports to you the many different factors that go into your air quality. It will tell you about the chemicals that may be floating around, carbon dioxide levels, humidity and temperature. All of these things can affect your mood, skin, respiration, immunity and many other aspects of your daily life and wellness.

In the day and age of controlling your house from your phone, alarm systems, lighting, and what not, you might as well control your air quality too. This isn’t one of those gimmicks though where in order to control your house with your phone you have to buy all-new electronics. In the words of the Awair Glow company “Glow makes your ‘non-smart’ devices, smart”. The device will power on the devices you already have when the air quality drops below the standards you set. So, you can turn on an air purifier, fans, or alter the thermostat automatically based on data the Glow collects.

If you don’t know what kind of standards to set that’s okay too. Awair Glow did all the research for you. The device will provide you with all you need to know about what’s what in the air quality realm. You can then make your own settings from there. Awair Glow even partnered with the Mayo Clinic to make sure they provide you with only the best information.

See Your Air’s Info Over Time

This nifty little device also makes trend lines for you. If you’re anything like me, you love to see the change in your sleep patterns or heart rate (thanks Fitbit). Tracking the air quality in your home is just as entertaining if not more. Plus, you get to see that the device is working around the clock to keep you healthy. You can also get real time notifications should you want to do a spot check.

Everyone loves a two in one. Well Awair Glow is no exception. The device is also a night light. The light can be activated by touch, motion, or by the app. This makes it a great addition to a nursery or hallway. And last but certainly not least, Awair Glow can be hooked up to Alexa or Google Home. That’s right, you wont even have to reach for your phone. “Hey Alexa, turn on the humidifier in the kids’ room”. Boom. Done.

Take care of the air like you take care of everything else in your life. Get Awair Glow and get aware about your air. If not for your health do it for the pun. You guys didn’t think we missed the pun did you? Buy Here

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