Unleash Your Inner Viking with this Axe Game

If I have to explain to you why throwing an axe at a target sounds like fun, you’re probably reading the wrong article. For the rest of you who are ready to sling an axe over your head in a spinning fury towards a wooden target, I’ve got good news for you. The Small Viking Axe Game has put together a perfect package for those of us who don’t want to have to leave the yard to wield an axe of our own.

Axes, Target, and Everything Else Including in this Kit

With lots of games or activities with lots of pieces like this, there are many starter kits that include “almost everything you need to get started!”. However, this kit isn’t almost everything you need. No, it’s the total package. the Standard Sack Set from Small Viking includes all the pieces for the game as well as even some replacement pieces in case things break. It has a large wooden target with a string so you can hang it where ever you see fit (and safe..ish). It also has 3 throwing axes. With axe throwing handles or shafts can break when the wrong end of the axe meets the hard wooden target. This is nothing to worry about though because this set comes with 9 replacement shafts. It also has a tool to replace these shafts so there is nothing that will keep you from playing and practicing your axe throwing skills. The majority of this kit is made from wood and it’s all in a cloth sack. This truly looks like something straight from a Vikings toy box, making everything about this experience perfect.

These Vikings are Cost-Conscious

The whole set comes in at $86.00. That’s not very much at all, especially considering the materials used in each set as well as the quality of the materials themselves. If you’re on the edge I’d like to point out that axe throwing is also available through other companies. You can drive to a range and pay for an hour to throw at their range and then go home. If that sounds enticing I should probably inform you that these places typically charge $30-$40 per person. That means if you and a friend went one time you’d already have spent nearly enough to buy your very own set. With that in mind, it’s easy to see that this set is a steal. On the Small Viking website, there are also extra targets, axes, and even more replacement shafts for sale. This means no matter how much you use your set or wear it out you can keep the fun going; all while saving money.

The Small Viking Axe Game lets you harness all your inner Viking, axe wielding powers in your very own back yard. For a pretty incredible bargain you can pick up this complete, everything you need included set. Whether your looking for something to do with your family on a night in or trying to have the most exciting game night of all your friends, the Axe Game is ready and waiting. Buy Here

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