This Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboard Brings The Typewriter Into The 21st Century

If you’ve ever typed on a real typewriter, you know the satisfaction that comes with each clickity-clack of the keys. There isn’t a worthy keyboard on the market that can replace the tactile feeling. Razer Black Mamba can’t touch the feeling of an actual typewriter. But, we might have the solution. This Bluetooth keyboard draws directly from its ancient ancestor, the typewriter, and brings it into the 21st century.

Mechanical keyboards are great. They give you the tactile feeling of clicking a key but the quickness and ease of a normal keyboard. This one uses high-tactility analog keys beneath each cap to deliver a soul satisfying click. The gentle click and satisfying feel of each press will leave you glad you are typing on a mechanical masterpiece.

On top of the already great feel, this keyboard will instantly enhance your productivity. When you press the key, the signal is sent to your computer when the key is just halfway down. This means you can press lighter, faster, and type more accurately. You’ll also avoid fatigue in your fingers while typing for long stretches of time. This is also a healthy choice since you’ll avoid problems like carpal tunnel. Yes, we know it sounds lame but for people on the computer all day, it’s real. Okay, okay, the chances of you getting carpal tunnel from typing are pretty low unless you’re an old man. But, with this keyboard you’ll be typing in style, no matter what your age is.

Oh, you want to know about the style that this keyboard brings to the table? Sure, why didn’t you ask sooner? This sleek keyboard draws extensively from its keyboard roots. It features a black and bronze finish that perfectly compliments the entire look. The zinc aluminum alloy frame adds durability and protection to the keyboard. This bad boy will stand up to any bumps or bruises you can throw at it. A genuine pebble leather top plate surrounds the vintage-style keys for an additional element of class. You honestly can’t top this luxurious typing experience.

Round keys rimmed with bronze mimic typewriter keys perfectly, including the depression in the center that fits your finger. When you’re working late, the keys are backlit with white LEDs. This means an even and beautiful lighting panel that adds to the sleek look of the keyboard.

Whether you’re using a Mac or PC, this keyboard is ready to work with you. If you’re using a Mac, we kindly suggest you throw it out the window and get yourself a proper PC though. Anyway, the keyboard set includes interchangeable key caps so you can customize the keyboard to your preferences. Connect it to your computer via Bluetooth or USB depending on what your set-up allows.

If you’re looking to type in style here in the 21st century, but just can’t give up the feeling and sound of a classic typewriter, this awesome Bluetooth luxury keyboard is for you. Buy Here

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