The B-2 Bomber Nano Blade Is The World’s Smallest Tactical Knife

B-2 Bomber Blade

Do you even own a tactical knife that was designed after a B-2 Stealth Bomber, Bro? Well, now you can because such a thing exists. The B-2 Bomber Nano Blade is not only the world’s smallest tactical knife, it was specifically designed after the famed fighter jet.

The B-2 Bomber Nano Blade launched on Kickstarter about 14 days ago and they have already SMASHED through their funding goal by reaching almost $175,000 in funding. Their goal was a measly $5,000. They really underestimated themselves.

Here are the specs you need to know: 

  • Sizing: The full opened length is only 80mm and when closed, it stands at 48mm in length, 20mm in width (closed) and only 5mm thick.
  • Weight: The ultralight weight of the B-2 Nano Blade comes in at less than 1oz making it the world’s lightest, fully functional, 440C black stainless steel tactical pocket knife.
  • Materials: 440C black stainless steel allows B-2 pocket knives to be one of the strongest nano blades ever created by mankind.

Check out more pics and a video of the B-2 Bomber Nano Blade below. Buy Now

B-2 Bomber Nano Blade B-2 Bomber Nano Blade

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