BAC Mono: A Real Racecar for the Streets

Lots of performance cars are marketed as cars you can take to the track and race. Most of them can do that but are still very far from a racecar. The BAC Mono is not far from this at all. In fact, its essentially a scaled-down formula car you can street drive. It’s much more than a performance vehicle, this car is serious business. It’s probably too much for most people, but if setting fast lap times is important to you, it’s hard to beat the Mono.

Real Racecar Technology

This 2015 BAC Mono is littered with real motorsports bits and pieces. For starters, it has a motor built by Cosworth. For those interested in Formula 1 or rallying, I’m sure you don’t need an explanation on Cosworth. This motor makes 305 horsepower, a respectable amount. This turns into an astonishing amount when you factor in the weight (or lack of it). It sits at just 1,300 pounds, so if you get one remember to tie it down after use so it doesn’t blow away in the wind. The gearbox paired to the Cosworth motor is a six-speed sequential, meaning gear changes are lightning quick.

With 17 inch OZ wheels wrapped in Toyo R888 tires, and cantilever suspension like in F1, this truly goes around corners like it’s on rails. With 4 piston AP Racing brakes all around, slowing down for these corners is made very easy. Inside this open cockpit, single-seater is a six-point harness, a fire suppression system, and an F1 style steering wheel. If you had any doubts about the racecar credibility of the Mono, I can’t imagine you do now.

This 2015 BAC Mono is a very precise and serious vehicle. Every bit of this car was designed to do one thing, go around a track faster than the next car. For those willing to set aside their air conditioning, heated seats, backup cameras, and other creature comforts, this car will provide a driving experience unlike anything else. Learn More



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