Back Buddy Will Remove All Those Pesky Knots

If you have stress in your life then you probably have knots in your back. No, there’s no probably about it. You definitely have knots in your back. These pesky things make you ache, groan, and hunch over until you look like the hunchback of Notre Dame. The Back Buddy is designed specifically for handling those pressure points and knots that make your life more difficult. Get back to feeling 100% without ever visiting a fancy massage parlor.

Since 1995, each and every Back Buddy has been made in the United States. Its unique S-shape has barely changed since then. It is high density polyethylene and is BPA free. You can safely use it in the shower or with allergies, worry-free. This device cares for your back and the environment.

Though it hasn’t changed much, the newest involvement of the Back Buddy features horizontal handles. These make gripping the device even easier and make the massaging power 3x stronger. In addition, the 11 therapy knobs’ accurate placement ensures you can always hit the most common pressure points and work them out. The S-shape curve ensures you can reach all the other spots in between. This tool is great for the young and old, the athlete and the worker. Sure, this isn’t the most exciting thing we feature here on TDW. But, it will get your body feeling great so that you can enjoy the exciting things (and the rest of life) to the fullest. Buy Here


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