The Backpod Gives You A Painless Future

In the age of smartphones and working from home, posture can be a bit hard to correct. Hunching over our devices all day only leads to back pain and headaches.

Sometimes, trying to correct your posture is just as painful. Not anymore! Introducing the Backpod. You will no longer have to worry about becoming the hunchback of Notre Dame with this product. Make back pain a distant memory with this simple, easy-to-use gadget.

Bring Therapy Home

The Backpod is small, convenient, and unobtrusive. It doesn’t take a degree in physical therapy to be able to ease your back and neck pain at home. It works by being both strong and supportive but also soft and flexible.

An outer hypoallergenic cushion allows your skin to be comfortably held by the device. The inner core is made from polycarbonate to give you some much-needed support.

Three Easy Steps

First, slowly lower yourself down onto the Backpod. Its makers recommend stacking up some pillows for your head so that you do not hurt yourself. Trying to lie all the way down the first time can be harmful since your back can be extremely tight.

Second, position the Backpod between the shoulder blades. This is optimal for pain caused by a hunched back.

Lastly, hold the position for 30 seconds or more. Once the time has elapsed feel free to move around a little to loosen up other parts of your back. They recommend trying to bring your knees to your chest or move the Backpod to other areas of discomfort. Places like the mid-back, ribs, and low back.

Why Wait?

Back pain is something that affects so many people in today’s day and age. There is no reason to not try a way to help relieve it. The Backpod could be your ticket to a pain-free future. Buy Here