This Brown Sugar Bacon Is The Perfect Treat

Did someone say bacon? No, we said Brown Sugar Bacon Jerky Candied Bacon. This thick cut hickory smoked candied bacon is made to order so freshness is guaranteed. Is your mouth watering yet? No? Well what if we told you this was the perfect combination of sweet brown sugar glazes and salty crispy bacon pieces?

If you’re not already ordering this sweet treat you must be totally okay with the ordinary. This candied bacon is the perfect addition to any Sunday morning breakfast. For those of us who skip the most important meal of the day, this bacon jerky gives a new meaning to chicken club sandwiches at lunchtime. Now I’m hungry! Good thing the company selling this product, Bacon Mamma Jamma, has speedy shipping.

Bacon lovers around the world are singing their praises for this Brown Sugar Bacon Jerky Candied Bacon. This bacon gives a new meaning to thick with its juicy brown sugar and spice pieces. Even your girlfriend will be jealous.

WARNING: This product is for those with a sweet tooth and pork lovers only. Those too faint of heart to tear into a big old piece of meat straight from the mail box may default to the turkey variety of bacon. Ha! And that isn’t actually bacon. Brown sugar may cause a sugar high only to be equated to eating a Pixie Stick. Side effects include; ordering more bacon, childlike giddiness, and Ron Swanson like mannerisms.

“Give me all the bacon and eggs you have. Do you understand?” Buy Here

Special thanks to guest writer Caitlynn George for this post.

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