Bagotte is Ready to Take Down Roomba with Their BG600 Robotic Vacuum

The world we live in is fast paced and full of technology. It seems like every week a new piece of tech gear is released… and then the next week it’s already got multiple brands putting out competing products. However, it seems like in the robotic/autonomous vacuum market Roomba has been the only mainstream option. I’ve always thought it was strange that with such a popular and useful piece of technology, there never seemed to be much competition. Apparently Bagotte though that seemed strange too. This is why they have made the BG600 Robotic Vacuum, and it’s here to sweep away and suck up all the competition.

The BG600 In All It’s Technological Glory

This new robotic vacuum is simple and efficient. The BG600 has one-touch activation, meaning there’s no complicated and confusing programming needed to get this vacuum cleaning. Once activated it has 1500 Pa of suction power, so no mess is too big for Bagotte. From simple things like dust and debris to the tougher messes like wads of pet hair or large chunks and particles, this vacuum can handle it all so you don’t have to.

All this suction power seems like it could cause quite a bit of noise, right? Wrong. It’s designed carefully with noise into consideration. The BG600 can vacuum all night without waking a soul. Not only is the sound (or lack of) extremely subtle, but so is the size. This little robot is only 2.7 inches tall, so fitting into tight areas and getting under tables and chairs is not an issue.

Functional and Convenient

We already know this vacuum is powerful, quiet, and compact, but it’s also convenient too. One of the coolest features is it’s cleaning schedule option. This means you can schedule when this little robot is and isn’t at work. There will never be worries of your robot vacuum bumping into guests during a house party. You can schedule it to start vacuuming when you’re out of the house or asleep so it doesn’t disturb anyone. Another one of the special features that make this vacuum so easy and convenient is its battery life and self-charging system.

The BG600 is a clever little robot. So clever, in fact, that it can remember where it’s charging station is. When it’s battery power gets low it won’t simply die halfway through a cleaning job. Instead, it will return to the charging station to refuel itself with battery power and go finish the job later. Not only can it recharge itself, it can also conserve its power when needed. The full suction power is complete overkill for most messes. Because of this, the BG600 will only use a small portion of its power the majority of the time. Then, when it senses a heavier mess that its low power suction can’t pick up, it will increase the power until everythings spotless.

This vacuum cleaner is compact, quiet, strong, and smart. It can do all the work itself, including its own battery maintenance so you never have to worry about cleaning a mess again. The Bagotte BG600 Robotic Vacuum works so well and subtlety you may even forget you have one. So unless you find some sort of strange satisfaction in cleaning up disgusting messes of mysterious sludge and grime, get the best robotic vacuum out there and let cleaning be a thing of the past. Buy Here


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