Treat Yourself to Fresh Pizza Straight From Your Grill

Pizza’s the way to everyone’s hearts. There’s no such thing as a bad pizza. Fresh out of the oven or leftovers, pineapples or not, from Little Caesars or your local pizza parlor down the street, pizza’s always a good idea. But there’s something special about making your own pie and you can save a few bucks. Grilling season’s not quite over yet and the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box will make your next grill out even better. The BakerStone is an enameled steel box that converts most large gas or 3-burner grills into an outdoor pizza oven. Depending on the size, you can cook a pie in two to four minutes. You’ll have pizzas out faster than you can eat them!

The BakerStone is about two feet wide, 16” deep, and half a foot tall. It’s extremely portable and has handles for easy carrying. Simply place the box on the grill and turn on the heat! The interior chamber has walls made of the same refractory material as a standard pizza stone. The metal housing heats up the ceramic box inside as hot as 800F. After the box is preheated for 15-20 minutes, the built-in thermometer will reach the flame icon so you know it’s baketime! Slide your pie in with a pizza peel and rotate it every 40 seconds or so for even cooking. You can also bake cookies or bread, roast vegetables, and cook other meals in the box, but pizza’s really all you need in life. Buy Here


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