Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Balance Is a $2,250 Investment in Sound and Style

There are some things you buy out of necessity and others just for fun. A speaker falls into that gray area—the kind of thing that you feel like you need, but can wait until Black Friday or hope that you’re on Santa’s “nice list” this year. Standard speakers that are just bulky and black are long gone as more aesthetically pleasing alternatives are more in demand. If you want something that packs both powerful sound and tech as well looks good, Bang & Olufsen always delivers. The Beosound Balance is the most recent addition to Bang & Olufsen’s product line and at $2,250, it’s a stylish investment.

Small footprint with large sound

The Beosound Balance is a wireless speaker designed for larger living spaces. It is equipped with a cutting-edge audio engine and will deliver a powerful, dynamic sound experience. It’s a small device, but its unique acoustic configuration of seven drivers delivers room-filling sound. The speaker also allows you to control the spaciousness of your sound for focused listening from many positions. It’s user-friendly with an intuitive interactive experience. The tactile aluminum interface has proximity sensors built-in so controls only appear when needed. It wakes when you approach and dims after interaction.

Luxuriously designed with Scandinavian minimalism in mind, the Beosound Balance enhances any room. The speaker’s base is natural solid oak wood and the speaker has a seamlessly knitted textile and precision-crafted aluminum parts. The aluminum grill features a Fibonacci pattern for acoustic transparency. The Beosound Balance has equal parts elegance and simplicity and pure sound performance. With its small footprint, it won’t take up valuable space in your home. It looks great on a shelf or displayed on an occasional table. The speaker is available in gray/natural oak and solid-color black oak.

Bang & Olufsen is known for their in-home music systems, portable speakers, and headphones. Their products are designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday life and are aesthetically pleasing as well as audiophile-approved. Buy Here

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