Barebones Field Knife Has All The Bare Necessities

A fixed blade does not need all the bells and whistles. It is used for a purpose and then put back in its sheath. It needs to work well and feel good. That’s exactly what you will get with Barebone’s Field Knife.

No need for the fancy metals that shine in the light or the wood handle imported from the deepest depths of the rain forest. You just need something that will cut, and this will cut.

Working Man’s Working Knife

The Barebones Field Knife is a six-inch high-carbon steel blade with high-quality edge retention. You can cut through any mess of things and your edge will stay sharp. The handle is made from walnut, giving it a nice simple looking finish.

With comfort in the hand being a top priority there is also a thumb depression. Although there are no bells and whistles there is no need to worry about the knife slipping out of your hand.

There’s also an inlaid copper lanyard ring to be used for whatever you want to hang Barebone Field Knife on when you aren’t keeping it at your side.

Home Sweet Home

You also don’t need to worry about where your knife will lay its head to rest. It includes a waxed canvas sheath. Sticking to the theme of plain and simple, the sheath is made from black canvas with nothing but a small logo and copper accents.

Perfect For Anyone

This is a great knife for any person in your life. Its simple design makes it both classic and timeless. It is made from high-quality materials and is meant to be used for what its meant for. This is not a showy knife. It is meant to be taken into the world and put to work. Buy here

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