Barefoot Luxury Cabo Verde Condo, A Getaway Above The Rest

A luxurious vacation is something we all dream about on our lunch break. A peaceful getaway, far from the stresses of everyday life. You book it and when the waiting and anticipation are over and you finally arrive, the hotel does not look like the pictures. Instead, there are a million people bustling around, and there is no peace or quiet.

This isn’t something you will have to worry about when you book with Barefoot Luxury Cabo Verde Condo. They promise that you will feel at peace on the most luxurious vacation you’ve ever been on. With the ocean as your background and the mountains as your bodyguards, you will never want to leave.

Island Life Is For You

Barefoot Luxury Cabo Verde Condo invites you to drift off to the Island of Sao Vicente off the west coast of Africa. The island is dotted with individual villas to give it a true island vibe. No tourist traps here. The mountainous archipelago leads directly into to azure ocean for a picture of natural beauty and serenity.  It closes you into the warm embrace of a luxury escape. No cities, no tourists, and no distractions.

Lap Up The Luxury

There is no need to think about whether or not this is a vacation for you because it is whatever you make it. There is no agenda or timeline to stick to.

After a long day of relaxing, you go to sleep peacefully knowing that when you wake up the view will still be stunning. True luxury is the ability to relax and enjoy everything that nature and Barefoot Luxury Cabo Verde Condo has put at your fingertips. The time to take a new kind of vacation is now. Don’t wait to feel the white sand in your toes and the ocean wind in your hair. Learn more

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