Make Picking up Poop Fun With the BarkBox Poop Bags

Your dog’s your loyal best friend. And what are best friends for if not sharing the simple things in life like belly rubs and your favorite jams? If you fancy yourself a fan of rap, you’ve probably blasted music from the likes of Eminem, The Notorious B.I.G., and N.W.A. Maybe it was while you were cooking up a “Juicy” new recipe with your trusty pup by your side (perhaps waiting for scraps). Rap’s also perfect for a 10-mile run with your dog along the oceanfront if you want to “Lose Yourself.”

If you want to bring more rap to your dog’s life, take it to a more intimate level. Your pup might not be able to read, but BARK’s Pug Life poop bags will make picking up waste a little more fun. The bags have a variety of punny poop-related rap lyrics, far from your standard plain black or green poop bags.

Thick and durable for any size mess

Popular dog subscription box service BarkBox is the mastermind behind these hilarious poop bags. They have proudly served over 2 million dog homes, providing fun treats, toys, and accessories for man’s best friend. Now they have their own punny poop bag sets: Poopaganda and Pug Life.

Each box holds 300 bags in 20 standard size rolls with 15 bags per roll. The rolls fit into any standard waste bag dispenser. Unlike many other brands, BARK’s bags are thick and made of premium-quality materials, not transparent like others. The bags are sustainably made with EPI technology and are 100% oxo-biodegradable. They are convenient, unscented, easy-to-tear, and packaged in cardboard. Backed by a leak-proof guarantee, these bags are durable for an easy pick-up every time, no matter how much your pup ate the night before.

Pug Life combines classic rap hits with clever puns. The next time you walk your “big poopa,” you’ll “got 99 problems, but a bag ain’t one.” Buy Here

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