Bather Trunk Co.’s Hawaiian Tiger Shorts Make You The King

There are plenty of stereotypes about Canadians. They are nice, they love syrup and Tim Hortons, but did you know that Toronto makes the best swim trunks? Bathers Trunk Company is said to have completely rethought everything you know about men’s swimwear.

Up Scale Swim Trunks

Sometimes you try to get out of the pool and you feel the weight of your swim trunks pulling you back down. Bathers Trunk Company made these beige Hawaiian tiger shorts to be light weight—so light that you almost forget they are there. Don’t worry though, they still hug your hips tightly without being so heavy you’re afraid they are going to slide off.

The shorts are made of a breathable material, so you never have to worry about the heat getting sucked into your trunks and making you itchy and uncomfortable. You will be able to feel that Hawaiian (Ohio, Nebraska, Maine, or whatever) breeze flow right through.

Along with being very light weight and breathable, these shorts are also quick drying. This makes it easy to transition from water to land in a snap. Gone are the days of sitting in your lounge chair making a pool of your own from the water dripping away from your heavy dense swim shorts.

Bring Paradise Home

Fit is a must for swimwear and Bathers Trunk Company knows that. The elastic waistband in these shorts keeps them securely in place while the drawstring allows you to make adjustments as you see fit.

When you need to carry stuff (which is always), there is a back pocket with a draining eyelet and deep side pockets with mesh for optimal storage and draining.

No need to wait to go on vacation. As soon as you order a pair of Bathers Trunk Company swim trunks you will be transported straight to vacation. Buy here

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