Get Your Beach Bod Ready With Beachbells

It’s inevitable. During the course of your tried and true workout routine, you’re likely to hit a plateau. This can especially happen if you’ve been doing the same old, same old for years. Whether it’s the same weights or exercises, the plateau can affect your drive to train. Your environment can also be the culprit. That’s why people choose to switch it up with running, jump roping, or biking outside, a full-body workout at the pool, or taking classes at different studios. As summer is in full swing, we naturally want to goof around and relax at the beach all day. Kill two birds with one stone, and tick off 2/3 boxes on Jersey Shore’s well-known “GTL” routine with Beachbells.

Build strength and muscle

You can gym and tan with these portable kettlebells and spend your whole summer at the beach. It’s simple to use—all you need is sand! Scoop dry sand into the bag to the desired weight marking, roll, and clip together to close, and start your workout. The design compresses the sand together, which creates a tight and compact effect. Beachbells combine strength training with high-intensity cardio, just like traditional kettlebells do. You’ll have an intense overall full-body workout! However, unlike kettlebells, which can be expensive buying each weight individually, Beachbells let you choose and adjust your weight. Depending on the amount of sand you use, the kettlebell can hold between 1.5 to 16 kg or about 3 to 35 lbs. It’s an all-in-one solution for your next kettlebell workout! Beachballs have a solid aluminum handle and are ergonomically designed for comfort and maximum performance.

Due to the adjustable weights, Beachbells can be used by anyone of any fitness level. They are available as singles and 3-, 5-, and 10-packs. Personal trainers are recommended to buy the larger multi-packs for more bang for their buck. Buy Here