The Beauty Rest Sleeptracker is Your Personal Sleep Coach

Sleep is a very special thing. Nothing beats getting in bed and peacefully dozing off after a long day of exhausting work. However, there is nothing as frustrating as lying restlessly in bed not being able to fall asleep, when you know you’ll be tired the next morning. Not only is it peaceful, it’s important. Doctors recommend getting 8 hours a night to stay healthy, but what happens if your body just won’t let you fall asleep? The Beauty Rest Sleeptracker Monitor is here to help track your night activity to help you make the most out of your time in bed so you don’t miss a single minute of beauty sleep.

A Smarter Way to Sleep

Something as important as sleep should be in the right hands. With this Sleeptracker, you don’t have to worry about that. Most sleep trackers and monitors use a headband, wrist band, or some other physical form of a tracker. With this system, you just set it up next to you, then regardless of your bed, it is able to track things like your heart rate, body movements, breathing, and even more.

It’s so easy you can set it up and forget about it until the next morning. Each morning you can check the Sleeptracker app to see how your nights’ sleep was. After a few nights of collecting data, it can tell you ways to better fall asleep more quickly, as well as the times of the night you are in a deeper sleep or more restless. With this information you can better plan when you go to bed, get up, and even the position you lay in to fall asleep. All this data comes together to get you the night of beauty sleep you deserve.

Sleep is incredibly important to both our mental, emotional, and physical health. With that in mind, there’s nothing wrong with seeking a little bit of help getting the best sleep we can. With the Beauty Rest Sleeptracker, it’ll equip you with all the data you need to make the most out of every night so you can start living a well rested, energized life. Buy Here

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