BedJet Is The Only AC/Heater Made Specifically For Your Bed

We’ve all been there. Struggling to sleep at night because you’re way too hot or because your significant other stole all the covers. We love them… but please stop stealing the covers. There’s a reason the saying “feels as good as the other side of the pillow” is so true. Because the other side of the pillow is always the right temperature. BedJet makes your whole bed feel as good as the other side of the pillow.

The BedJet is designed to blend right into your bed. Oh, and it is compatible with any bed, not just the $10,000 moving, space beds you see on TV. That’s right, your old mattress can be the perfect temperature all the time. You can thank the NASA space suit engineer, medical device designer, and sleep doctor who invented the BedJet for that.

The main unit of the BedJet slides under your bed and connects to your sheets via a small hose. Virtually no noise comes from the unit as it runs whisper quiet thanks to acoustic dampening technology. A barium titanate stone heater keeps the heater below the flash point of dust so you don’t get that nasty “heater smell”. On top of all this, BedJet is Bluetooth enabled and driven by microprocessors so you can easily adjust the temperature on the fly right from your smartphone. Find your ideal temperature and never leave it. Sorry work, school, and responsibilities, the BedJet probably won’t let you ever leave your bed again. Buy Here

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