Beeline Moto Is A Smart Navigation System For Motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle offers great freedom and flexibility. You can ditch the traffic and busy roads to find your own path. Unless you get lost. With the Beeline Moto, you don’t have to worry about getting lost on your bike ever again.

The small, simple device mounts to any bike and is then attached and detached using a simple, secure twist-lock mechanism. Beeline Moto runs for 30 hours and then is recharged quickly via USB. It is IP67 waterproof and shockproof, built for the open road.

Setting your navigation up is simple. The Beeline Moto has global coverage and includes ride tracking and stats that are saved from all your rides. Just set your destination in the smartphone app before riding and the simple interface of the device will guide you there. Either set it to route mode and follow a set of turn-by-turn directions or compass mode and follow the arrow and distance to your destination as you set your own route.

The simple design and interface of the Beeline Moto ensures you are distraction free during your ride. This keeps you safe and restores the fun of just riding. You don’t even need to worry about needing data for navigation after you set your route.

Currently, Beeline Moto is over 1,250x funded on KickStarter, so this product is ready to ride. It comes from a team with experience in launching a similar product for bicycles so you can rest easy knowing this product is high-quality. Buy Here

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