Beer Cap USA Map Is Perfect Man Cave Wall Art

beer cap usa map

This USA map is ready to be filled out with your favorite beer bottle caps. It is handcrafted in Madison, Wisconsin and holds 177 beer caps. That might seem like a lot of beer to drink, but this is all about the art. Buy Here

beer cap usa map

This cool and funky wall art comes outfitted with a patent pending Wall Hanger system which allows for a drop shadow against the wall. Giving it a unique facade amongst the walls of your man cave.

You are free to design this with any beer bottle caps that you’d like. If you choose, you can use a single type of beer bottle caps or you can outfit every state with beers unique to that state. The decoration options are limitless here. And this is the patriotic man cave decoration you’ve been looking for.

At 3-feet wide, this is a very large beer bottle cap map. There are smaller versions of this available on the market, but I say ‘go big, or go home‘.

Buy Here

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