The ‘Beer Spike’ Is A Drinking Tool Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Beer Spike

The Beer Spike from Raging Mammoth is 2017’s hottest drinking accessory. This item was initially launched on Kickstarter and was fully funded within 2 hours. The Beer Spike is a multi-tool for drinking. It’s a bottle opener, spike for shotgunning beers, and it’s a keychain. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is a revolutionary device, but it’s a game changer. Beer Spike is going to turn up the volume of the party and get things going in a hurry.

It’s one thing to have a bottle opener on your keychain, it’s another entirely to have a Beer Spike. This innovative tool is reserved for beer connoisseur, arming you with four useful tools all on a single device that fits on your keychain. Built for any cold-one-crushing occasion, whether you’re on the beach, in the woods, or in your buddy’s kitchen, Beer Spikes are for the boys. Buy Now

Beer Spike

Beer Spike

The Details:

  • Fits right on your keychain
  • Shotguns beers, opens bottles, pulls can tabs, & pierces can tops for optimal flow
  • Ensures you don’t spill all over yourself when accessing your beer

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