Beeropoly: The Perfect House Party Game

Throwing a party is a daunting task. Food, drinks, and fun. Fun? How the heck do you plan fun? Worry not my friend, because Beeropoly is the perfect blend of drinking, competition, and humor all wrapped up in one simple board game.

The Missing Piece to Make Your Parties Fun Again

How do you blend drinking and friendly competition together to create the ultimate party game? Too much drinking and not enough game makes it feel like a college party where people just need an excuse to get drunk. On the other hand, too much of the game and no drinking makes it feel like a boring group of people trying too hard to force good time. Beeropoly mixes these together like the ingredients of a well made cocktail.

Now I know Beeropoly and Monopoly sound similar, which can be scary. Monopoly takes hours, days, sometimes weeks to finish. Not to mention the heartless and ruthless competitive side it brings out in people leaving you out of money and in jail for the whole game. Nevermind that, Beeropoly is different. With simple directions and a board that’s not too long, it’s right for everyone. Each space has an interesting or comedic step for that player to take. Every roll of the dice will leave players laughing and buzzed.

Simple Rules and Solid Construction, What’s Not to Like?

All you need to play is a set of dice, beer caps, and the board to play. All of these are included so you never have to search through that kitchen drawer where everything disappears to find that pair of dice you swore you kept in there. With Beeropoly there are no piles of cards to keep organized or complicated pieces. All you do is roll, move your beer cap, and do what that box says (frequently involving drinking). Whether your sober, buzzed, or drunk these rules are straightforward and easy to follow.

This game is also built to last through all the spills, drops, and crashes your party could possibly throw at it. HomeWetBar has not cheaped out and used cardboard or plastic for their game. They constructed it with 1/2 inch thick wood to ensure it’s longevity. The game board is 15″ by 16″ so it’s big enough to fit lots of players but still fit on any sort of table or stand. This board is not only great to play on but looks good too. With the simple but beautiful lettering, design, and color scheme it doesn’t need to go back in the cabinet to hide when the fun ends.

You could easily leave it out on a coffee table, maybe throw a candle or plant next to it and feel like an interior designer. It gives off a mature but playful appearance which is perfect to leave out as decor. It’s not only an entertaining game, but also a conversation piece of decoration. It’s the complete package.

Beeropoly brings group fun and alcohol together in one perfect, tidy little package. Save yourself some trouble next time you have to plan a get together or party. Don’t waste your time trying to scheme up fun games or activities on your own because HomeWetBar has done it for you. Bust out Beeropoly and direct your attention towards planning the food and drink assortment to make the perfect house party for you and your friends. Buy Here




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