The Bellroy Travel Passport Wallet Makes Travel Feel Sexy

Travel can feel like a bit of a drag sometimes. Waking up early, getting to the airport far enough in advance, all while trying to look your best can be tricky.

If the last part doesn’t apply to you maybe you should consider trying it. Start with the Bellroy Travel Passport Wallet.

Constructed To Turn You ON

Having a traditional wallet in your pocket can be bulky. Especially when you add a passport, boarding pass, and traveler’s checks. With the Bellroy Travel Passport Wallet, you can fit all of that and more in a simple, classic bifold.

This sleek travel passport wallet looks nice but acts tough. It has built-in RFID protection to keep your belongings safe. Made from real leather, you can bet this wallet will have color to last for years. With special gold rated, Leather Working Group approved, environmental protocols you can expect only the best and know you’re doing good at the same time.

The wallet has room for all but two different types of passports (German and Irish). There is a secret hidden compartment for you to store your cash or other paper-like prized possessions.

No need to alert pickpocketers to where you keep the stash. If you are worried about accessibility, don’t be. There are four easy-access pockets for your most-used and favorite cards. Those four slots don’t even include the three extra slots for the essentials. Those being things like identification cards, insurance cards, AAA cards, or AARP cards.

Last, but certainly not least, you can count on this wallet to help you remember things. That is right! The Bellroy Travel Passport Wallet comes with a mini pen and ink refills so you can take notes wherever life takes you.

This wallet will love you as much as you will love it. Buy Here