Beoplay A9: Sleek and Powerful

The days of hiding your stereo are over. Say goodbye to bulky black block stereos and welcome the Beoplay A9. Sleek in design and powerful in sound, the A9 is like no speaker you’ve ever had. The multiroom speaker boasts 480 watts of sound and can connect wirelessly using AirPlay, Google Cast, DLNA or Bluetooth. The A9 can fill any room with music or you can connect more multiroom speakers for seamless sound. You’ll have access to millions of songs, playlists and radio stations with Spotify Connect, Deezer and TuneIn. The speaker is also easy to set up with the Beoplay and Bang & Olufsen Apps.

The A9 will set you back $2,699, but the high quality sound, innovative features and unique design is worth it. More than just a speaker system, the A9 is a beautiful piece of furniture made of premium durable materials. A speaker cover is included, but you can purchase other colors and designs to suit your decor. Deck out your A9 with wool-blend covers by Kvadrat, sticking to its minimalist style. Other companies like SkiniPlay give you more options and bolder designs, like the moon or optical illusions. You can even customize your own design, so your dog’s face can blast “God’s Plan”. The speaker is designed to adapt to your home—hang it on the wall, place it in a corner or leave it free standing. The speaker placement modes adjust the sound output for optimization. No matter where you put your A9, it will look and sound beautiful. Buy Here

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