Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones Bring Honest, Clean Music To Your Ears

It can be difficult to hear music the way the artist intends it. After all, when you’re listening to many different genres, some very different, there is a big gap to fill. Seriously, how is it possible to switch from hardcore rap in one moment to classical focus in the next? Just me? Okay. Anyway, with the Beoplay H4 headphones, you get music just the way artists intend. No distortion, no alterations, just pure, clean music. Are these headphones actually organic?

No Big Name Distortion

Bose catches slack constantly for being too bass heavy. Other brands like Beats have their own flaws. The result is that listening to some music through these headphones sounds great while other genres sounds not so great. But what’s the solution? The Beoplay H4 is.

From Bang and Olufsen Signature Sounds, these headphones are only around to bring you clean music. All of their speakers and headphones are made from premium crafted materials. These deliver the industry standard in high fidelity sound. No distortion and nothing competing for attention in your ears. You’ll hear every aspect of the music evenly in just the way the artist means it to be.

Comfortable And Stylish

These headphones get the job done in style. They feature a comfortable over-ear fit. This means that your ears don’t get that smashed feeling like headphones that sit on-ear. Meanwhile, wireless connectivity means that you never have to hassle with a wire. Even better, if you’re an iPhone owner (boooo!) you don’t have to carry that dongle around in your pocket. Or are you just excited to see us?

With up to 19 hours of playback, you can wear these headphones all day and never have to talk to anyone. On the subway, at work, and even on the street. You never have to worry about them dying and you certainly don’t have to worry about looking silly. Their sleek design is contemporary, clean, and leaves only the essentials behind.

Premium Materials

We told you that these headphones were made with the best materials on the inside. They also feature some of the finest headphone materials on the outside. From leather ear cups to aluminum and brushed stainless steel parts to a braided textile cord, the Beoplay H4 is a premium headphone.

While your friends walk around wearing plastic and foam headphones with a fancy B on the ear, you can jam in style and sophistication with the classy H4. And with the best music quality around, you might even be able to decode the secret messages left behind by bands like the Beatles or Queen. Buy Here


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