Keep It Minimalist With the Studebaker Bessemer Money Clip

Bulky wallets full of receipts, expired coupons, and unused rewards cards are a thing of the past. Minimalism is in and keeping it simple extends to your wallet. While Apple and Samsung Pay may be our future, for now, these methods aren’t fully widespread. For when you need your card and cash, be it at the local mom and pop store or the flea market, minimize unnecessary clutter with something no-frills. The Studebaker Bessemer Money Clip is exactly that, with a nice dash of character.

Rugged uniqueness

A money clip is a classic accessory. But what makes a money clip stand out from the rest? It’s just a clip, right? Small nuances in the choice of material and intricacies of the design can make something so simple truly unique. Even the way it’s created may lend to its attractiveness. Hand-forged and formed from American brass or pure copper, the Bessemer is more than your standard stainless steel money clip.

The unfinished work patina gives it a more rugged feel and adds a bit more character to your everyday carry. The Bessemer is handmade in small batches. In fact, all Studebaker products are handmade in Pittsburgh, known as the Steel City. As a classically hard-working town, Pittsburgh makes the perfect backdrop to the Studebaker line.

Mike Studebaker was educated as a metalsmith, trained as a jeweler, and has experience in architectural metalwork. His goal with his products is to draw from the traditions of smithing and bring that to objects we use daily, like a money clip. The product line also features varied cuffs and keyholders, just as meticulously designed and thought out as the Bessemer. Studebaker uses traditional tools and techniques, using hammer and anvil for most of his pieces. All products are minimally polished and have a work patina look. They also all sport the Studebaker Maker’s Mark stamped and its place of origin, Pittsburgh. Buy Here

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