12 Best Beard Balms On The Market Right Now

Best beard balms

Beards have been in fashion for years now, but a lot of men don’t know how to maximize the full potential of the hair on their face. To start, a lot of men make the mistake of just growing their beard out and not making any attempt to style or groom it. In order to prevent yourself from looking homeless, you need to figure out how to line up your beard, and most importantly you need to find and use only the best beard balms, which will help control the shape of your beard. Next, don’t try to grow a beard if you can’t. However, if your beard is a little patchy, there are a few products available on this list that will help make your beard look a little more full. Some men also use makeup to colour their skin to make it seem like their beard is thicker than it actually is, but that can be tedious to do. You’re better off just using one of these amazing beard balms!

So, what makes a good beard balm?

A good beard balm is something that doesn’t weigh down your beard or leave it feeling overly waxy. You shouldn’t feel the beard balm on your face. Additionally, beard balms should help soothe your skin and prevent your beard from filling with dandruff or turning your face into an itchy mess.Your beard balm should be helping make your beard healthier by using natural ingredients, not chemicals that could end up giving you a harmful reaction. Finally, a good beard balm should keep your beard looking styled and clean for most of, if not the entire day. With that said, here are the best beard balms that we could find. Scented, unscented, whichever you prefer there’s something for everyone.

Here are the 12 Best Beard Balms


Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner (Vegan Friendly)

best beard balmsHandcrafted in the United States, the Honest Amish Beard Balm is a vegan friendly that is an excellent product to shape your beard into perfection. Made with organic ingredients such as virgin argan, avocado, virgin pumpkin seed, fruit and nut butters, among other ingredients, this beard balm doubles as a conditioner for your beard. There are no fake fragrances added to this beard balm, either. Let your beard’s natural musk flow through and buy a beard balm from one of the most trusted beard brands in the world. This beard balm comes in a 2oz tin, and is best suited for someone suffering from beard dandruff. Buy Here


Scotch Porter All Natural Beard Balm

best beard balmsThe Scotch Porter All Natural Beard Balm comes in a massive 6oz tin, which explains why it’s just a little more expensive than some of the other balms on this list. This beard balm, made from all natural ingredients such as marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, shea butter, coconut oil, silk protein, and even more, helps repel dandruff and keep your beard looking its best. This particular product is part 3 of the 4 part Scotch Porter Beard grooming system. For maximum results, pair this product with Scotch Porter’s beard wash, beard conditioner, and beard serum. Buy Here


Delta Genesis: Beard Bolt XL

best beard balmsWhen it comes to just about anything, you get what you pay for. The Delta Genesis: Beard Bolt XL is one of the best beard balms on the market today. Not only does the balm help tame your facial mane, but it also works as a product to help grow a better beard. Delta Genesis claims to be the original and world’s only beard growth stimulating beard balm, and I can’t say whether or not that’s true. I can, however, say that their product really does work. There are over 300 reviews saying that the beard balm not only works with their sensitive skin to eliminate itchiness and dandruff, but it helped remove the patchiness of their facial hair. If you’ve always wanted to grow a thick beard (but have struggled to), give this beard balm a try! Buy Here


Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm Gloss Leave In Conditioner

best beard balmsThe name is goofy but the product works. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm is an all natural, organic product that can turn any chunk of facial hair into a shiny beard. Using mainly organic leatherwood beeswax and plant oils, this beard balm promotes beard growth, can help remove any irritation on your skin, and gives your beard a smooth feel. This Australian beard balm is scented to give your beard a masculine odor. Scented beard balms aren’t for everyone, but they’re a great way to improve the distinctness of your aroma. Buy Here


Smooth Viking Beard Balm

best beard balms‘Smooth Viking’ is a great name for this beard balm because it perfectly describes how you’re going to feel after using it. This beard balm was designed to give your beard a thicker look and feel. By blending premium oils such as avocado oil, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, shea butter, and others, your beard is going to smell fresher than a field on a summer’s day. Even though, amazingly, this beard balm doesn’t use any artificial fragrances. Even if you don’t have a beard, this balm is one of the best on the market for maintaining your moustache. It’s lightweight, mess-free, and smells great. What else do you need? Buy Here


Liberty Grooming Beard Balm

best beard balmsThe Liberty Grooming Beard Balm is a handcrafted product made from the best natural ingredients for your beard. Primarily made of shea butter and beeswax, this beard balm is designed to tame even the biggest beards. It’s hard to find a product that tailors to new beards, and infamous yeards (a beard that has been grown out for a year), but Liberty Grooming manages to make it work. This balm is subtly scented with smells to remind you of mother nature. And, best of all, if you buy this balm and you’re not satisfied — you can get a complete refund! A gentleman’s agreement for a gentleman’s product. Buy Here


Grave Before Shave Beard Balm

best beard balms‘Grave Before Shave’ is the life motto for most men who grow out their beards. This highly acclaimed beard balm is made with only the finest oils and butters available. Not only does this balm help tame your beard, but it also will deeply condition your beard to keep it feeling the best that it can. The biggest selling point of this beard balm is its very distinct bay rum scent. You can’t help but feel like a pirate after rubbing this beard balm into your luscious mane. The scent matches the marketing and we can expect more great beard products in the future from Grave Before Shave. Is this a flawless beard balm? Not quite, but the reviews speak for themselves. Buy Here


Detroit Beard Balm

best beard balmsThe Detroit Beard Balm is on an entire different level than the other balms on this list. Despite being made in Detroit, this beard balm uses pesticide free, fair trade ingredients that are guaranteed to be good for the Earth. It’s not lacking anything the other beard balms have, either. This balm relieves itchy skin, softens your beard, controls frizziness, prevents split ends, and it even helps reduce the patchiness of your beard. However, the most distinct feature this beard balm has is its unique scent which is a unique blend of lemon peel, eucalyptus leaf, and geranium flower. If anything, you should buy it just to smell it. You won’t regret it. Buy Here


Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Balm

best beard balmsThe Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Balm is one of the most masculine smelling beard balms on the market. The balm gets its unique cedarwood scent from the all natural ingredients, including eight essential oils, but somehow, the scent isn’t overwhelming. The smell will flirt with your nose enough that you know that it’s there, but you won’t be drowning in it. With this beard balm, you won’t have any issue styling and shaping your beard. Some beard balms feel greasy to use, but this isn’t one of them. Start smelling like a lumberjack and pick this beard balm up. Buy Here


Northern Fir Quality Beard Balm

best beard balmsNorthern Fir Quality Beard Balm is made from a blend of 9 of the finest plant-based ingredients which have been hand-selected to help contribute to different aspects of your beard’s health and vitality. The unique 8 steps of production is carefully designed to ensure that only the highest quality beard balms are sent to customers. That’s why this particular beard balm is so expensive compared to the others on this list. It’s the supercar of the best beard balms. Not only will this beard balm feel fantastic to use, it will give your beard a scent that can only be described as woodsy. The one-of-a-kind scent was inspired by the evergreen forests of the Appalachian Mountains and you’ll be instantly reminded of the great outdoors when you get a whiff of it. Buy Here


Viking Revolution Beard Balm

best beard balmsAs the cheapest beard balms on this list, Viking Revolution has isn’t without flaw. This balm isn’t designed for someone who has sensitive skin or an otherwise itchy beard filled with dandruff. Instead, it’s made for men with beards who, through wonderful genetics, have a thick beard that doesn’t cause them any problems. For those men, this beard balm is the perfect tool to help them mold and shape their beard. Made from natural ingredients such as argan oil, mango butter, and beeswax, your beard isn’t going to feel greasy after using this balm. If you don’t need any of the extra stuff that the other beard balms are offering — give this one a try. Buy Here


Prophet Premium 2 in 1 Beard Balm and Wax Styler

best beard balmsWhile the other beard balms on this list offer a decent enough way to shape your beard, the Prophet Premium 2-in-1 Beard Balm and Wax Styler takes styling your beard to the next level. While some beard balms wear-off after a few hours, this product lasts up to 12 hours. Additionally, this balm prides itself on the fact that it won’t alter the colour of your beard, like many other balms on the market do. And, like most balms, this product is completely organic and animal-cruelty free. If you check out this beard balm fast enough, you can use a publicly available promotion code that gives you 10% off if you buy two. If you find that other beard balms just don’t last as long as you need them to, give this one a shot. Just a pea-sized amount is enough to keep your beard looking fresh all day long. Buy Here

[Top image via Caleb Lucas on Unsplash]

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